VS2005: The project type is not supported by this installation

I am running VS2005 Versions 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600). When trying to open a project created by another developer (Im not sure what his version of VS2005 was), I got the following error:

The project file "C:\path\to\project\file.csproj" cannot be opened. The project type is not supported by this installation.

I tried a few things from this discussion, but with no success http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=931459&SiteID=1
Finally, I opened the csproj file in notepad and compared it to another csproj that opened correctly. The broken file had the following node; I simply removed this node and was able to open the project successfully.


Note: I have just found a related discussion: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=629702&SiteID=1

Virtual PC 2007: console disappearing

I recently experience a problem with VPC 2007 where the console disappear off-screen and couldn’t be retrieved, even when restarting vpc etc. The fix for this is as follows (on vista):
Access options.xml at C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Virtual PC\options.xml
Change from

            <height type="integer">25</height>
            <left_position type="integer">4294935296</left_position>
            <top_position type="integer">4294935296</top_position>
            <visible type="boolean">true</visible>
            <width type="integer">160</width>


            <height type="integer">575</height>
            <left_position type="integer">0</left_position>
            <top_position type="integer">0</top_position>
            <visible type="boolean">true</visible>
            <width type="integer">359</width>

SharePoint SPSiteDataQuery List Limit

I have recently encountered the following error when running an SPSiteDataQuery.

“The query cannot be completed because the number of lists in the query exceeded the allowable limit. For better results, limit the scope of the query to the current site or list or use a custom column index to help reduce the number of lists.”

It looks like an SPSiteDataQuery is limited to 1000 lists / document libraries.