MOSS Style Library

Just a quick note regarding style libraries…

It looks like the “style library” is only created at the root of site collections for collaboration portals and publishing portals, both of which are normally created through central admin. If you create a “team site” or anything else apart from the above, the style library is not created. To access the style library, you go to “Site libraries and lists” or “View All Site Content”, as with any list or document library. You can also access it through SharePoint designer. Note that if you create a stylesheet under the _layouts directory, you won’t be able to edit it off the server through SharePoint designer. If the style library is not present, you can add the stylesheet to a standard document library and reference it from there.

SQL Server 2005 Express: Database is read-only

I have experience the error “Failed to update database XXX.MDF because the database is read-only” a couple of times now when working with SQL Express 2005. I got into a situation where the database file in my app data folder was in SourceSafe on my dev machine – when it was originally added it was marked as read only to all users, and when checked out, the readonly flag was unset for the current user only, not the aspnet user. The workaround to this is outlined below:

  1. (optional) uncheck “use simple file sharing” from control panel->folder options->view tab, then you see security tab for a folder
  2. Add COMPUTERNAME\ASPNET user to the app_data folder of your website
  3. Grant the COMPUTERNAME\ASPNET user write access to the folder
  4. Perform an iisreset