Microsoft Expression

I have just seen the Microsoft expression suite – I am pretty keen to get my hands on them (especially sparkle, when used for developing interfaces for windows apps).

Acrylic Graphic Designer – I guess that this is equivalent to Photoshop

Quartz Web Designer – This seems to offer functionality similar to the Macromedia suite and I guess would fill the space left by frontpage (which is becoming SharePoint Designer) and offer more professional functionality.

Sparkle Interactive Designer – This product really excites me – it seems to be the primary tool now used to create interfaces for windows programs (it has also been rumoured that you will be able to also create web interfaces – rumoured to compete with flash – i wonder whether this is where the microsoft ajax suite, Atlas, will fit in with this?).

Windows Presentation Foundation WPF (not part of the expression suite)
I believe that Sparkle will be the primary tool for designing this.

Formerly known Avalon, is Microsofts unified presentation layer for Windows and is exposed through WinFX, (vistas managed-code programming model that extends the Microsoft .NET Framework. WPF consists of a display engine and an extensible set of managed classes that development teams can use to create apps. WPF also introduces Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), which enables developers and designers to use an XML-based model to declaratively specify the desired user interface (UI) behaviour.


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