SharePoint 2007 Search

Some key points…

  • Apparently the search algorithm uses Click Distance, Anchor Text, URL Depth and an Metadata to index data. Results are grouped by social distance
  • The search is capable of suggesting similar terms.
  • Duplicate elimination.
  • Can search with WSS 3.0 – previously WSS2 could only use SQL Server Search
  • Can index any ldap v3 directory
  • A crawl log is kept
  • You can apparently tweak certain aspects of the search algorithm (by changing weighting??)
  • Results are security trimmed whatever PAM (Pluggable Auth Module) is used
  • You are able to remove single items from the search index (without having to re-index)
  • The search can index non-SharePoint sources – e.g. from the business data catalogue
  • You can set which properties are picked up by the search index crawl
  • Search SDK – apparently this will be available within the Beta 2 timeframe
  • You can change the way results are presented by tweaking the XSLT and CSS
  • The search crawl can propagate continuously

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