SharePoint Conference 2008 (Seattle)

Bill Gates announced hosted SharePoint, targeted at less than 5000 users. A couple of questions that come to my mind are: is there bdc support and can developers deploy solutions / features to hosted SharePoint sites?

There was no mention of the next version of SharePoint. There was some talk about a Silverlight blueprint for SharePoint and I was particularly impressed by the Silverlight faceted search implemented at General Mills.

My personal favourite sessions so far were
Stress Testing Using Visual Studio Team System Test Edition (Presented by Ben Curry).
This was a good walk through on how to implement web and load testing using VSTT.

Rendering Data in SharePoint Using AJAX and LINQ (presented by Steve Peschka).
I was really impressed by the use of LINQ to perform cross list “joins”. There was a particularly cool demo at the end of performing a linq query that joined a SharePoint list to some data in a xml file and on sql server.

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