SPPS 2003: Setting up advanced search

A quick reminder on how to setup advanced search in SharePoint (just in case I forget – its pretty intuitive to set up, but I do it infrequently).

Enable advanced search

  • Go to portal settings page
  • Click configure search and indexing
  • Click enable advanced search and appropriate confirms.

Add reference to site collection

  • On the portal, click on sites
  • On the actions menu, select “Add Link to site”
  • Specify the title (can be anything) and the url of the site collection e.g. http://myservername/sites/testsite and click ok

Running the search index

  • Go to portal Settings
  • Go to Configure Search And Indexing
  • Go to manage content indexes
  • click drop down for “non_portal_content” and click “start full update”

Add Document properties to the advanced search:

  • Go to portal settings
  • Select Manage Properties from Crawled Documents
  • Expand Urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office
  • Click the relevant field(s) you want to use advanced search on and tick “Include this property in Advanced Search Options” and “Display this property in item details in search Results”.
  • After doing so, you will probably want to run the search index again as above.

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